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1-26-12 and a Recipe or Two

SICK! Yep, I'm sick and the kids are too. We have stuffed up noses, scratchy throats, coughs and general tired and crankiness. Brian says that we're sick because we've been EATING TOO MANY VEGETABLES! Haha, what a dork, I told him we're sick because one day it will be 30-40 degrees and the next day it will be 60-70 degrees. Ugh, I hate being sick and I hate when the kids are sick too. It's going to be a lazy weekend full of rest....I hope.

Wednesday I went to 2 Zumba classes, one in the morning and one at night. I was a little sore yesterday and still am today, but it's not too bad. That was the day I started getting sick. Last night I did Volleyball, then today I went to watch the 3rd Grade Poetry Contest at school instead of going to Zumba. My oldest daughter was an alternate in the contest, she didn't end up having to do her poem, but Murphy's Law says that if I would have gone to Zumba instead then she would have done her poem. Anyways, it was a cute and fun contest and both the boy and I enjoyed getting to see it.

Thursday 1-26-12
Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito, 20oz Water (recipe below)
Snack: Hot Chocolate (my husband forgot to take his Hot Chocolate with him when he left for work, I didn't want to pour it down the drain, so I drank it. I think that's a mom thing)
Lunch: Nothing
Snack: I was cutting up veggies that I had gotten at the store in the morning, so I was snacking on them, I didn't keep track of what I ate, but I was cutting up Broccoli, Carrots, Green Pepper and Cucumbers
Dinner: I had 1 1/2 Club Sandwiches, Wheat Toast, Turkey, Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce Tomato, Avocado (I only used 2 slices of bread on the sandwich instead of 3 and no Mayo) Also I had 1 Tbsp. of Ranch dip, 4 carrot sticks, 3 cucumber spears, 4 Broccoli's, and 4 green pepper strips
**Our Dinner last night was supposed to be BLT's and Veggie Dippers, avocado's were on sale so I got some of those too, and I figured while I was adding stuff I'd get out the Turkey and Swiss too, so it turned into Club Sandwiches, or "make your own sandwich", I think Kortnie just had a BL sandwich no T, and Graham had a Turkey and Mayo sandwich with a piece of bacon on the side**

I also know I had my quota of water for the day, because I drank a whole gallon, I also had one Emergen-C somewhere in there. When I'm sick and have crud in my chest and throat I love to have a carbonated soda it seems to cut down on the phlem, for me at least, but instead I had that Emergen-C, it's a little fizzy and it seemed to help.

Yesterday was kind of busy, Graham went to school 9-11am and that whole time I was running errands, I went to Basha's and IGA (local grocery stores, shopping the new sales for this week) also I went to Dollar Tree and wandered around in there for awhile, I picked Graham up, came home and made a few phone calls, was on the phone with our Insurance Carrier FOREVER, then I got a call that Korky had a low blood sugar at school, 31, that's way too low, a bit of a panic there, I went down to the school and brought her home and left instructions for Stasia to just walk home. Then Stasia and her friend got home and I got busy with homework and preparing lunches for the next day, then I took them to Girl Scouts, came home and started dinner, they got home from Scouts and it was time for showers and dinner, then Stasia had Basketball practice at 6 and I had my Volleyball game at 6 so that was a mad dash to drop her off and get to my game on time. Brian picked Stasia up on his way home and I had Korky and Graham at my game with me. Got home around 715ish and we watched a movie together, "Spiderwick Chronicles" it was pretty good as far as kid/family movies go. Stasia was excited to see it since she had read the book last year. Anyways, all the Low Blood Sugar mess in the middle of my day is what caused me to not have lunch. Busy, Busy, Busy, that was me yesterday.

Freeze-Me Breakfast Burritos **I saw this on Pinterest**
1 Dozen Eggs
1 #Sausage (I use pork)
Cheese of your choice (I used Cheddar)
Tortillas of your choice (I used 8in Flour)

Brown your Sausage, breaking up into small pieces, (like browning hamburger)
Remove Sausage from pan and drain, Scramble Eggs in same pan, in the last few minutes before eggs are fully cooked, stir the sausage back into the eggs. Warm up your tortillas in the microwave for 20 seconds, lay one tortilla flat, put 3-4 Tbsps (bigger tortillas use more) egg/sausage mixture on the tortilla, top with cheese, fold up burrito style, wrap individually in foil, place in Ziplock bag and in the freezer.

To reheat, unwrap from foil and microwave 45seconds.

We ate 4 of these yesterday and froze 10 of them. With the 8 inch tortillas we made 14 of these, they are kid sized, but one satisfied me just fine and they are only 20 Gram Carbs (which is good for Kortnie) the kids each had 1/2 cup of yougurt with theirs. I think next time, I'll make a few bigger ones for my husband and I'll maybe get some Turkey Breakfast Sausage too. You could also use bacon or ham, say if you have leftover ham after Easter, you could put in hashbrowns too, but that would add carbs.

This is what I made this morning for breakfast, I also saw this on Pinterest

Homemade Fast Food Style Breakfast Sandwiches
1 dozen eggs
Canadian Bacon
Cheese I had Cheddar Sandwich Slices, I cut each slice into quarters and used 1 quareter on each
1 Dozen Mini Bagels (Sara Lee Whole Grain Plain, is what I used)
Butter or Margarine (optional)

Get out your 12cup muffin tin, spray with Canola or other Oil Spray, Cut your Canadian Bacon rounds into 4 pieces, put 2 pieces in the bottom of each muffin cup, crack one egg into each muffin cup on top of Canadian Bacon, break yolk with a fork, sprinkle with salt and pepper, bake in oven at 350 for 25 minutes. Meanwhile open each Bagel and put bottom on a cookie sheet, spread bottoms with butter, top with 1/4 slice of cheese, when eggs are done cooking they should slide right out of muffin cups in the perfect round shape, put one egg on each bagel bottom, top with bagel top, put the whole cookie sheet into the freezer, once they freeze, wrap them in foil and keep in a ziplock bag in the freezer. To reheat, unwrap from foil and microwave 1 minute.

These are 21 Gram Carbs each. Of course your Carb count will depend on the type of bagel you use. The orginal idea I saw on Pinterest did these without the Canadian Bacon and used English Muffins instead. I think the eggs fit better on the mini bagels, they would also be good with biscuits. You can subsitute the Canadian Bacon for turkey, cooked bacon, ham, or leave off the meat entirely. Also to save calories you could leave off the cheese or the butter too.

Anyways, some mornings we sleep in late and I love having these quick meals in the freezer. They are cheaper than buying pre-made, healthier than going to a fast food, and easy to make.

Here's a breakdown of what I spent

$7 for 5 dozen eggs (only used 2 dozen=$2.80)
$2.28 for 10 slices of Cheddar Cheese (I used 8 slices for both meals+$1.82)
$2.50 for a bag of 12 mini bagels
$2.98 for a bag of 24 tortillas (I used 14=$1.74)
$1.98 for the Canadian Bacon (I used 1/2 the pkg=$1)
$2 for the Pork Sausage
had on hand the Spray, butter, salt, pepper, foil and 2 gallon sized Ziplock bags
so $11.86 for 26 servings (that's .46cents per serving)

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  1. Great recipes! Thanks! Adam and I were just talking this morning about how we need to do way more than just grab an apple on the way out the door. I'm going to try these recipes! I will probably sub out the Canadian bacon (not a fan) and use Morning Star Veggie "sausage" patties.