Monday, January 16, 2012


I got on the scale this morning and weighed in at 188.0! 5 pounds down from the beginning of the year. I'm pretty happy about it.

Saturday 1-14-12

I didn't really write everything down, it was a busy day. First of all we slept in. I had a bananna for breakfast then we went to a yard sale. Graham got a Wii game for $10, he's pretty happy with it. Then we came home and I had the leftover Taco Soup from Thursday night for lunch. Went to Anastasia's basketball game and straight to Walmart after that. I got a few things for the girls lunchboxes, some mini bagels, frozen veggies. Just a few things on my list. I also got Kortnie's new prescriptions to the pharmacy. That was my main reason for going to Walmart. The kids were hungry so I got them some popcorn chicken from the deli to share on the way home. I ate a bananna on the way home, (flashback from when I went to Walmart earlier in the week :-) We got home just in time to make dinner. We made tostada's. Put the tostada shell down on a cookie sheet, spread 1 Tbsp of Refried Beans on the shell, topped that with about 2 Tbsp of ground beef, then a little bit of shredded cheese. I put them under the broiler for about 3 minutes. Then I topped with lettuce, El Pato, and cilantro. I left off the sour cream to save calories, but I did eat 3 tostada's. Usually I would make rice or something for a side dish, but since we are cutting carbs, I didn't make any. I had water all day, pretty sure I had my quota of water.

Sunday 1-15-12
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ham, 1 pancake with Brummel & Brown Strawberry spread
Went to Church
Air popped Pop-Corn
Had a meeting at church (we were asked to Serve in the Nursery and released from our Service in Cub Scouts!)
3 Little Smokies (Turkey)
Bowl of Cereal.
**I made breakfast and then after we got home from church we had a "fend for yourself" day**

I didn't really eat much or snack much on Saturday or Sunday. Kinda nice.

Monday 1-16-12
It's another lazy kind of day, it's MLK day, kids are home from school and it's Brian's regular day off of work.

Breakfast: Water
Lunch: We made Nachos, browned hamburger, corn chips, nacho cheese, cilantro, El Pato, Green Onions (I had 2 bowls of them)
I also had a few Black Olives while I was chopping them up.

Now it's 2pm, the kids want to go to Dairy Queen to use the gift cards they got for Christmas, I will probably end up getting a small Blizzard. We already deceided to just have leftovers or nachos again for dinner. I have some lettuce in the fridge, so I'll probably just have a taco salad, instead of nachos again.

My friend Sandy is doing a Zumbathon to raise money for JDRF and Kortnie's Krusaders in a few weeks. I'm so excited, this will definitly get me back to Zumba starting tonight so I can know some of the new dances before the Zumbathon! So, that's what I'm going to work on, going to Zumba every Monday and Wednesday evening until the Zumbathon on Feb 4. Oh, and Volleyball on Thursday nights!

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