Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Month Update

I have been on my new journey with the Plexus products for over a month now, and I have to say, I am feeling Super Duper Awesome!  Here is my progress so far....

Day 1 I weighed 195.8 and my measurements top to bottom (that's breast, waist, bum, thighs) were 45, 44, 48, 41.5.

2 Weeks in I weighed 188.4 and my measurements top to bottom were 43, 38.5, 47, 41.

After 4 Weeks....
Weight 186.0 (down 11.2)
Breast 43 (-2)
Waist 36.5 (-7.5)
Bum 45.5 (-2.5)
Thigh 39.5 (-1)
and After 30 Days....It comes as a 30 Day Supply
Weight 184.4 (-11.4)
Breast 42.4 (-2.5) At first I wasn't too happy about losing inches in this area, but now I'm thinking it was back fat (yuck) that I lost, so I'm totally okay with that!
Waist 36.5 (-7.5)
Bum 45.5 (2.5)
Thigh 39.5 (-1)
And here is my picture of  my Start, 2 Weeks, and 4 Weeks!

I told Brian that I think I am destined to have a big butt and thighs forever, that's okay, I'm pear shaped.  I am excited about the weight loss and the inches lost in my waist.  But, really, what I am still most excited about is how I feel, I am still feeling great, more energy, no cravings for sweets, I'm not hungry, I am happier, and I am enjoying going to workout!  I have gone to the gym or Zumba 21 of the last 23 days!  I skipped on day because I had been on a long road trip with Kortnie, and I skipped another day because I went to a church thing with Stasia (that ended up lasting 6-9pm, ugh!).

Also, I have signed up 2 Ambassadors and 1 Customer so far and I've made a little money back!  Probably about 1/3 of what I've spent, so that makes me feel good too.  I figure the money I've spent is totally worth it, I did feel a little guilty at first spending that money and the time at the gym, but once I thought about it.  The Plexus products minus the money I've made have cost me, maybe $2.50 per day, and the gym member ship for Brian and I costs us each less than 50cents per day.  So $3 a day and 60-90 minutes time away from the kids, but at the gym with my Brian?  I'm totally worth that!
Oh, and 2 nights ago at the gym I was looking at myself in the mirror while lifting weights and I thought I looked pretty good, and last night while I was doing Zumba, I thought my arms looked kinda skinny, and my neck does too!  So even though I'm not losing tons of inches in my booty and thighs, I'm losing it elsewhere, and today I put on a pair of size 12 pants (and wore them all day!) so that means I'm down 2 pants sizes too.

My February goals are to sign up at least 2 more people whether they are customers or ambassadors  (actually that 1 customer I talked about earlier signed up today, so I'm halfway there on that goal already), and to get my weight into the 170's, I can't even remember the last time I was in the 170's! 


  1. Girl!!! That is amazing!!! Keep going...isn't it wonderful how exercising can make you feel like a whole different person?!?! Well congratulations and good for you! P.s. try some yoga :)