Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My New Journey

With the start of this New Year, I feel like a switch has finally been flipped inside of me.  I know I've tried to get healthy before, but I always get derailed.  I am finally ready to do this for me now.  I'm saying that this is my time and my life and I want to live it my way.
For awhile now I have been just treading water, doing all that I can to get through each day.  I'm just tired, tired, tired.
A friend of mine started taking this supplement Plexus and posting about it on Facebook, actually a few friends did.  I kept reading their posts and thinking it all sounded too good to be true, but they kept posting and I saw improvements in them.  Not just in changes in the way they look but how they act, like a real happiness.  Finally I decided that I would try this out for myself.
I went to the website and ordered the weight loss products and even signed up to sell it, just because there was a good end of the year special going on and it was the best deal.  I haven't sold any yet, and I'm not posting this to try and sell anything either, although I will post the link, just in case anyone who may read this is interested.  But, what I want to do is keep track of how I'm feeling and my progress with the Plexus products.
Every morning I take 1 Plexus Pink Drink that I mix with 8-12oz water and 2 Accelerator Pills, then I eat breakfast 30 minutes later.  Usually a Greek Yogurt or a Peanut Butter Toast.  Around noon I have lunch.  Around 4 I have a snack, and I eat a light dinner after I work out, usually around 7:30pm.  I make sure to drink at least 100 ounces of water each day.  No sodas or sweets, the Pink Drink helps you to not crave sweets, it also helps you to feel it when you are full.  The Accelerator Pills give energy.  I have not had or even wanted any soda or coffee since I started and I feel like I have way more energy. 
Day 1 ~ January 5, 2014
Weight 195.8 Yikes!
Day  3
Butt 48"
Thigh 41.5"
Waist 44"
Breast 45"
Worked out 45 minutes of Spin/Zumba
Day 4
Weight 191.8
Worked out 45 minutes of Zumba
Day 5
Weight 192
Worked out with Brian at gym at least 1 hour
Day 6
Weight 191
Worked out with Brian at gym at least 1 hour
Day 7
Weight 191.2
Butt 47"
Thigh 40.5"
Waist 40"
Breast 44"
Worked out with Brian at gym at least 1 hour
**Down 4.6 pounds and 7 inches*
Day 8
Weight 190.2
My Period starts
Worked out with Brian at gym at least 1 hour
Day 9
Feeling a little tired, but not like I usually am on the first day of my period.
Weight 191.2 weight gain during my period is normal for me
Worked out with Brian at gym at least 1 hour
Day 10 (TODAY)
Weight 190.4 Yes!
We plan on working out tonight (every night!)
I will do measurements again on Day 14.  I was only going to weigh myself on Sunday and Wednesday, but as you can see, I have been weighing myself every morning.  It's been fun to see my weight go down, but I do realize that this is a habit I should get out of.
Overall, I really feel good!  I used to be so tired and just DONE by 4 or 5 in the afternoon, but now I have the energy to keep going. I have the energy to fix dinner and clean it up and to go with Brian to the gym when he gets home from work.  I have gone and worked out 7 days in a row!  Last week was the dreaded PMS week, I am usually hungry and pissy, I had no problems with cravings and I felt like a nicer me.  I didn't catch myself getting irritated at all and I didn't snap at the kids either.  My brain feels clearer and I have been sleeping better and have been able to get out of bed easier in the morning. I have been cooking the same as usual, but actually cooking every night not just telling the kids to find something or going to get something quick at the store.  We've had hamburgers and mac&cheese, lasagana, tacos, posole, baked potatoes and meatloaf, spaghetti and salad, pork roast and (leftover) mac&cheese, and breakfast burritos and hashbrowns for dinners.  For lunch I have been having lots of salad and a few sandwiches.  I am trying to do lower carb for my lunches and for the dinners I'm trying to cut calories in a few small ways.  When we had baked potatoes I picked a smaller potato and put just a little butter and some cheese, no sour cream.  When we had tacos I steamed the corn tortillas rather than frying them and again no sour cream for me.  When we did hamburgers I skipped the bun.  I have been trying to have at least one salad a day.  The other night the kids got ice cream at the store, I made them all an ice cream cone and all I did was lick the spoon when I was done and that was good enough for me to get just a little taste.  In fact, there are 2 things of ice cream in the freezer and I'm not even tempted to go have any.  (That is a big deal for me!)
I've never tried any of these "fad" diets before, this is my first time, and for the first few days I thought that maybe all of these good feelings and extra energy was in my head, but now I'm certain that the Plexus Slim products are doing what they claim to do. 

If you are interested feel free to click my link and check it out.  Or you can always post a question here or email me too.  It really is good stuff.

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