Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted. I've kind of hit a stand still as far as weight loss goes.

Our kids had Spring Break March 26-30, we went camping on the weekend of the 25th-27th. When camping we didn't eat as healthy and LowER fat as we would have at home, so when I weighed in on the 28th I was 180.something so I was up around 1.5 pounds. Yesterday when I weighed in I was 180.6 so still up 1.5 pounds. That's okay though, I'm not too worried about it. I'm still going to keep plugging along and working on it.

I've gotten to Day 2 Week 8 of C25K, a couple days ago I ran 3.1miles in about 41 minutes. I've only been hit and miss with Zumba, but I'm working on getting back to a routine. Spring Break and having the kids home for a week kind of messed up my routine. I've also started babysitting so that kind of changes things up too. I'm going to be coaching my son's T-ball team and our first practice is tomorrow. They are 4-6 year olds and I don't expect to be getting too much excercise with them, but I'll be out moving around with them, so it's better than sitting around, right?

Easter is this weekend, Kortnie and I are planning on making a Cocoa-Almond-Coconut Cake for Easter dinner dessert, we're also having Ham and 3-Cheese Baked Mac & Cheese, so it's gonna be a fatty, carby dinner, so I'm working really hard on being good these days leading up to Sunday. I think it's okay to have a splurgy day every now and then.

I'll try to get better about blogging more consistantly, and I'll try to get back on my excercise bandwagon too. Happy Easter Ya'll!


  1. I've missed your blog! Congrats on getting so far on C25K! Have you registered for your first race yet?

  2. Whaat is a C25K? Camping sounds great! Sounds like you will be moving and shaking with all the sports starting up!