Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's Weigh In Wednesday, and I'm pleased with myself. I also measured myself since it's been a month since I last did it.
Here are the results...
Weight- 179.2 Down 3.2 from the last time I posted maybe 2 weeks ago, and
Down 13.8 for the year
Neck 14" Down .25 total
Arm 13" Down .5 total
Chest 43" Up .5 (I'm ovulating and the girls are feeling full or I measured wrong sometime)
Waist 36" Down 3.5 total
Underbust 35 Down .5 total
Bum 45 Down 3 total
Thighs (both) 39.5 Down .75 total
R Thigh 25.5 Down 1.5 total
L Thigh 25.25 Down 1.5 total
Calf 16.5 same
Down 12 inches total for the year!
I realize my 2 individual thigh measurements don't add up to the measurment of both thighs, whatever, at least all the numbers are coming down. I also think it's hard to get a calf measurment to go down. I tried on a pair of those boots that go up your legs and the zipper wouldn't go up over my calf, I maybe need to try on more boots, Brian likes those long boots and he keeps pointing them out everywhere we go....maybe when Fall rolls around again I'll get me some!
I have to say I'm so happy to be in the 170's! When we got married I think I was around 145-155, marriage added weight, each kid I had added weight and then I was finally starting to make some progress, or so I thought, in January of 2009 I told myself I was going to try to lose some weight, I had a job at Walmart. I was working full time, I told myself, no more soda, no more fast food, and no more getting lunch at the Deli (fried food) at Walmart. I was doing good. I didn't have a scale at home, but I felt myself losing weight and inches and feeling better about myself. Of course I wasn't really tracking my weight, but other people were noticing my changed appearance and commenting on it too. And then November 2009,my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She was only 5 and was in 1/2 day Kindergarten, she was taking 5-7 shots of insulin a day and checking her Blood Sugar 7-10 times a day. I (felt) I had to quite my job and stay home and take care of her. Taking care of a kid with a chronic illness is hard, the stress of her diagnosis and the stress of learning how to take care of her, and the stress of having to hurt her killed me. Not to mention the added worries about money, I didn't work anymore and we now had new things to pay for, special food for Kortnie, medical items. I was out of sorts, depressed, angry, sad, stressed. All of that added up to me eating and crying and not sleeping and not excercising, gaining weight. (For the record I don't blame it on Korky, she can't help her disease, it's autoimmune, her white blood cells attacked her Pancreas and caused it to stop producing insulin). You would think that her being dx'd with T1D would make us as a family start eating better. Well, on the suface it did, I would make good meals for my family, but as soon as Korky would go to school in the morning or to bed at night, I'd eat all the things that I didn't want to eat in front of her. Now she can still have sweets and treats, but we do count her carbs and try to limit the amount of carbs and sweets she eats. Just like any person should do. Our bodies aren't meant to eat ice cream and candy every day.
Well, I'm happy to say that I have finally gotten my act together, I am back to a Pre-Korky'sDiabetes weight! I am making good changes. I still enjoy a treat every now and then, but not in excess, I don't eat crap that's bad for me when no one's looking. We as a family are eating more veggies and fruits, less processed sugars. We still enjoy our carbs, I mean we LOVE pasta, potatoes, and bread around here, but we are limiting it. We only eat pasta once a week instead of 3-4 times a week. I haven't had much soda since the beginning of the year. I have had a sip of Brian's soda maybe 3 times and I've had a Cherry Limeade from Sonic twice. I don't really crave soda anymore either. I love ice cream, but I have it more as a treat, I think I've had it maybe 4 times that I can think of since January. I've not had a whole candy bar in forever, but I have had a few individual pieces of candy here and there. I've been drinking tons of water too. Excercise used to be something I would say "Me, no, I don't do excercise, nah, excercise and I don't get along" but now, excercise is a part of my daily routine. I feel good when I excercise and I'm glad it's a part of my habit now. I read this quote somewhere "No one is ever sorry after a good workout" and it's true.
My ultimate goal is to get down around 150, I realize that at the rate I'm going it's going to take a while, maybe the whole year, but that's okay, I'd rather do it slow and steady, changing bad habits into good ones, and still enjoying treats every now and then. Also, excercise builds muscles and muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room, so if I'm losing inches and not pounds I'm okay with that. I don't expect I'll be looking fabulous in a bathing suit this summer, but who ever likes themselves in a bathing suit anyways?


  1. Good job!!! Welcome to the 170's. Now if only I would stop bouncing around between 174 and 178 then maybe I'd be making some progress toward the 160's. I was 160 when I went to college and 130 when Adam and I started dating. I know that I will probably never make it back down to 130 because, well let's face it...I don't have a 16 year old body anymore. BUT I would love to be in the 145-150 range. I do my BMI every week and I am looking forward to the time it tells me that I am overweight instead of obese. Keep up the great work!

  2. My goal is 150 too!! you are doing AWESOME!! You are changing your lifestyle not "dieting" thats what is important, right?! Sorry, I've been slacking on reading lately. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Love ya!