Friday, March 9, 2012


I finished Week 5 of C25K this morning. I was really kind of nervous about that 20 minute run, but I did it! I had told myself that I'd try and run 10 minutes and then if I had to I'd stop and walk 1 minute and do the other 10, but I got to the 10 minute mark and I was okay so I pushed thru. I didn't run too fast though, I kept the treadmill around 4.7-5.0 MPH. I ended up doing 2.2 miles in 31 minutes. Pretty happy with myself. I also did 15 minutes fat burn program on the elliptical. I did not plan on doing the elliptical but when I go to the gym the treadmills were all being used, so I figured while I was waiting I'd do the ellpitical for a little while.

After I finished my run I went over to stretch and I was talking with a lady who also goes to the gym pretty much every morning. I don't really know here, I don't even know her name, but we've shared conversations. Anyways she asked me if I've been losing weight and I told her some (around 11#'s since Jan 1), and she told me that I was looking good and slimming down. I told her that I've lost inches and I feel slimmer but the weight doesn't come off as fast as I want it to, but overall I'm feeling good about my progress. She agreed with me that the actual weight is hard to lose, but as long as we feel good about ourselves and are also feeling healthier that's all that matters. We also talked about that irritating "Mama Pouch" that women have after having babies, and how it's the hardest part to get rid of. It was a good talk and it left me feeling good, it's good to hear that someone else can see the changes my body is making.

It's Friday and so that means that I won't really be doing much for excercise the next 2 days. I don't go to the gym on Sat/Sun, I might do a workout video on Netflix tomorrow morning, my Saturday isn't that jam packed this week. I have to pick up my Bountiful Basket tomorrow, and that's all I really have to do. I want to work on the girl's bedroom too though, so that will take up a large portion of the day, it really needs to be cleaned out, go through all of their clothes and get rid of the torn and stained ones, pass on or yardsale the too small ones. And go thru all of their junk, my girls collect so much stuff, they're like hoarders, I think it's genetic, their dad, their Grandma and their Great-Grandma all seem to "hang on" to too many things. (no offense if you are reading this Linda or Brian, you guys aren't bad hoarders or anything, you just like your stuff,'re not as bad as Grandma, but I can see where if Brian didn't have someone like me to make him throw stuff out, it could get crazy). I also want to finish painting the playroom today and tomorrow so we can put the floor down on Brian's day off which are Sun/Mon.

I'll be back at the gym Monday morning to start Week 6 of C25K, I looked ahead an I know day's 1 & 2 will be okay, but day 3, that has a 25 minute run in it, but hey if I can do the 20 minute run I can do the 25 minute one and I'm sure Week's 7-9 will have more and more long runs in them. I am going to finish this!

Have a great weekend Ya'll!

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  1. Way to go! It sounds like you are doing amazing! I still don't know if I can do 25k, but hey, it's worth trying. You'll have to tell me tips to lose weight. I haven't lost any inches at all.