Monday, October 22, 2012

Maintaining Not Gaining!

I went to a Zumbathon a few weeks ago, and the newspaper man was there taking pictures.  This is one that made the online version of the newspaper.  Probably no one but me and maybe a friend who knew I'd be at that zumbathon would recognize that this is me and Anastasia.  Can you see where I labeled myself and Stasia?  Me in a gray shirt, Stasia in black.  Anyways, you'd think that seeing a picture of yourself excercising in tight-ass (literally) black pants in the newspaper might freak a girl out.  Not so much, I am actually quite proud that I don't look too bad at least I don't think I look too bad.  I am proud of the progress I've made so far this year.  I still have pounds to loose and inches to shave off, and I'll continue to slowly work at it, but for now, I'm pleased with myself. 
My brother in law is visiting from California, I guess it's been around 15 months since we've seen each other in person.  He told me, kind of out of the blue, (re: we weren't talking about dieting or excercise or anything like that) that he could tell I've lost some weight and that I look good.  It is so good to hear that from someone else.  The people around us see us every day so they don't always notice the changes we make, but for someone who hasn't seen me in awhile to mention that I look like I've lost weight, is Awesome!  I told him "thanks, that is so nice to hear, I've lost around 15 pounds this year give or take, I still have a ways to go but it's getting hard, the holiday's are coming and the pumpkin flavors are out!"  LOL  My MIL was there too and she said for me to just concentrate on maintaining and not gaining.
I still haven't replaced the batteries in my scale.  I don't feel like I've gained any and some days I feel lighter.  All of my size 16 jeans are too big, I can fit nicely into one size 12 and one size 10 pair that I have.  I can wear a size Large sized shirt and sweatshirt comfortably instead of an XL.
We signed papers to refi our house the other day.  We stand to save around $350/month.  I have not used our credit cards all year, I am looking forward to using that extra $350/month to pay down some credit card balances.  2013 will be a continued year of New Year - New Me with a debt diet and continued work on changing and maintaining our healthier eating and excercising habits.  2012 has been a good start, but I am commited to continuing this process. Maybe 2013 should be more like New Year - New Us.  My husband is hunting this week, hoping to get a cow elk, he used to be a meat cutter at a local grocery store when he was in High School.  We are pretty confident that we can cut up our elk ourselves.  We're looking forward to having a freezer full of lean elk meat that should save some money on food and save some calories too.  
For these next 2 1/2 months of 2012 I will concentrate on  Maintaining Not Gaining, both in my weight and my families debt. 


  1. Adam and I had a roommate when we lived in college who's dad was a butcher in Elko. Every time Mikey went home for the weekend he came back with a cooler full of elk meat. We lived off of that meat for almost a year. Good stuff!

  2. I think you look great too! I like your way of thinking; maintaining no gaining. Kevin and I have been doing Insanity for almost 2 weeks now. HOLY SMOKES!
    I am with you on no CC for the rest of the year! A Geat book by David ramsey talks about debt, he puts in their everything for budgeting fun, clothing, car maintenance, tithing, etc... I need to revisit that book!