Tuesday, March 25, 2014

11 Weeks

Hey!  I haven't posted in awhile, my computer broke and it's not ideal to post a blog from my phone.  Well, I got a new computer and figured I'd update on my progress so far.  It's been 11 weeks since I started Plexus and I'm still doing great.  My weight loss has slowed down a little and I even hit a plateau for about 10 days, but here's the thing.....I didn't gain during the plateau, I'm back to losing, inches and pounds, and I am still feeling great, a lot more healthy!  I have continued working out as well, and it has become a habit and if I miss a workout day, I am sad about it, I have come to enjoy working out!  We have gotten to a point where we do about 5 GOOD workouts a week, on Sunday's we do a lite workout with the kids, we go to the High School track or to a local park that has a long walking trail with obstacles.  Since we are with the kids, it isn't always a serious hard core workout, but it is fun family time and exercise for the kids, which is important too.  And then, there is usually about one night a week when we just feel lazy and want to skip a workout, usually Friday or Saturday, Friday is the end of my workweek and it seems like Brian has had to work late those nights the past few weeks, so we've just skipped, or Saturday is the end of his workweek and I've been some kind of combination of lazy and busy running around with the kids on Saturday.  So here is a breakdown of my weight and inch loss.

On March 22nd was my 11 week weigh in
Weight 179.4 down 16.4 pounds ~ I weighed 2 pounds less than Brian!
Chest 41.5 down 3.5 inches
Waist 34.5 down 9.5 inches
Butt 42.75 down 5.25 inches
Thigh 37.25 down 4.25 inches

If you are interested in trying out the Plexus System like I am, check out my link to my Plexus website.  I am doing the Plexus Slim and Accelerator.  I also added in the Pro-Bio 5 probiotic about 2 weeks ago.


Here is what we are doing as far as workouts....
Sunday-Go to track or park with kids
Sit Ups and Plank
Flat Bench Press, I can bench 65 pounds now
Incline Bench Pres
Dumb bell Flys
2 miles on Treadmill OR 20 minutes on Elliptical
Tuesday-Zumba (Brian does a weight lifting workout)
Wednesday-Zumba (Brian does his own workout again)
Sit Ups and Plank
20 front weighted squats, I do 75 pounds
20 dead lifts, I do 85 pounds
Calf Raises, I do 30 pounds
2 miles on Treadmill or 20 minutes Elliptical
Friday-Back & Biceps
Sit Ups and Plank
Bent Over Rows, I think I do 65 pounds
Straight Bar Curls, 45 pounds
Reverse Curls, 25 pounds
Treadmill 2 miles or Elliptical 20 minutes
Saturday-Shoulder & Triceps
Sit Ups and Plank
Military Press 45 pounds
Dumbbell side laterals, 15 pounds in each hand
Shoulder shrugs, 20 pounds in each hand
Skull Crushers, 20 pounds
Treadmill 2 miles or Elliptical 20 minutes

This is the Plank Challenge we started, we got to about Day 15, we keep doing it but I cannot get passed 1.5 minutes, and right now, I don't even have a desire to plank for 5 minutes, LOL.

This is the Crunch Challenge we did, we finished it and have continued doing the 100 crunches every day.  

We went camping this past weekend and I was worried about not working out while we were gone.  We left Saturday afternoon, so I did a 30 Day Shred workout video Saturday morning.  Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I took it easy, there was lots of walking and hiking around, including walking up and down the steep boat ramp several times a day, but there was also a lot of sitting and relaxing.  I was also concerned about continuing eating healthy while out camping.  We are tent campers and we like to have things that we don't have to cook or things we can cook over the fire pit, and things that aren't expensive, and things that we can keep in a cooler in the Arizona desert, that is a lot of qualifications for our camping food and makes for limited options.  This is the menu I came up with, a little bit of "healthier" options, and a little bit of indulgent "not so healthy" options.

Breakfast- Breakfast burritos, before we left, I cooked 1 pound of diced bacon, 1 dozen scrambled eggs, and 1 package of refrigerated hash brown shreds, mix all of that up in a bowl, put a few spoonfulls into tortillas, top with cheese and sliced green onions, roll up burrito style, wrap in foil, and freeze, then in the morning you make a campfire and cook the burritos.  I put the frozen burritos on the top of the cooler, so they defrost some and are not completely frozen solid.  I also brought a bottle of hot sauce.  We also had instant hot chocolate and cappucino mixes which we used a teapot over the fire to heat the water.  We could have fruit with breakfast too.

Lunch- Sandwiches, fruit, and chips.  I brought bread, ham, turkey, swiss, and colby jack, PB&J too.  I only brought one bag of ranch Doritoes, and one bag of Pretzel Crisp chips (for 2 days of lunch).

Dinner- Tamales, Hot Dogs, Cup of Noodles, and fruit.  I bought fresh tamales from our local tortilla place, wrapped them in foil and we could warm them over the fire.  We used the teapot to make hot water for the cup of noodles, and we also had hot dogs and cheddarwurst which we cooked using our roasting sticks.  **The Cup of Noodles and Hot Dogs, I realize are the most unhealthy options, but they were yummy** I am still trying to think of healthier options for our next trip.  Maybe some kind of pre-made frozen dinner burritos, or some short of hobo dinner.  Any suggestions?

Dessert and Snacks- Smores, fruit, (I brought strawberries, apples, oranges, and bannanas), and Cheez-It crackers.  The strawberries went the quickest, then the banannas, I tried to convince everyone to eat bannanas because they were getting brown quick out there, and I hate brown banannas.  I brought home a few apples and oranges.  I ate a few roasted marshmallows, how could I not?  I'm not really looking to deprive myself, just to make more healthy choices most of the time.  A little indulgence here and there is fine with me.  

Drinks- Water, Power-Ade, I keep old Power-Ade bottles, fill them with water and freeze them, I use these whenever we go camping, fishing, long road trip as ice for my cooler, and as they defrost we drink them and refill with water from gallons I bring.  We also brought a few mix in powder packets of lemonade.  No soda.  So far, cutting out soda has been pretty easy, until Monday morning, I saw my BIL open up a coke and I thought "man that sounds good right now".

On our way home yesterday afternoon we stopped at Chilli's for dinner, the kids got appetizers and dessert, I got a burger, and Brian got 2 appetizers.  My burger was GOOD, but totally full of calories, and I had a bite of each of the kids dessert.  Oh well, again, something bad for you is fine every now and then, everything in moderation, right?  I have to say that the salads on the menu did look good, but I always have a hard time ordering a $10 salad when I'm out to eat, I figure if I'm out to eat and spending money, I'd rather get something savory and different than I can get at home.  A bacon cheeseburger with crispy onion shreds is not something I'd make at home very often so I just got it, and after 2 1/2 days of camping, it hit the spot.

I have to say, doing my Plexus drink and Accelerator Pills every morning wasn't that hard or inconvenient and taking the Pro-Bio 5 at night was fine too.  It is already my habit and it's easy to do, so the hardest thing was just remembering to pack it.  

I did end up gaining about a pound and a half while camping, I'll attribute it to the not so great food choices and the fact that I have a hard time going to the bathroom while away from home.  I expect by my next weigh in day (this Saturday), I'll be at least at my last Saturday weigh in spot, (hopefully less, but for this week I'll be happy with a no loss, no gain week, especially since it's Spring Break and I know having the kids home all week will probably get me off of my regular routine).

So that's my update on my All About Me progress.  Again, here is my Plexus link, just in case anyone is interested.  :)


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