Tuesday, April 29, 2014

16 Weeks

I am 16 weeks into my Weight Loss-Get Healthy journey.  

Here is my 16 week picture.  By week 15 I was down 19 pounds exactly.  On week 16 I weighed in at 177.0 for a total weight loss of 18.8 pounds.  I took measurements on week 15 and I was down 4 inches in my breasts, down 9.5 in my waist, down 5.75 in my in my bum, and down 6.5 in my thighs.

I have been mildly discouraged that I've been holding steady at 19 pounds down.  I know it sounds silly, but really it's the fact that I'm so close to 20 and also that 19 is an odd number.  However, I have not been so on top of things in the eating good department.  Also, Brian's work schedule changed so our workouts have been off kilter.  I've still been going to Zumba and Spin class and either going to the gym or doing 30 Day shred 6 days a week.  Also it was Easter and we were out of town, and blah, blah, blah, lots of excuses.  The point is that I while I'm not losing more pounds, I'm maintaining and continuing with exercise.  

I am still taking the Plexus Slim drink and 2 Accelerator pills in the morning, and about a month ago I added in 2 Pro-Biotic vitamins in the evening, and just this week I started a Bio-Cleanse, I only plan on doing the Bio-Cleanse for a month or so, that's how long the bottle lasts.  

So, that is my update for now.  I'm still loving the Plexus products and the energy they are giving and the help with controlling my cravings.  I bought a Diet Coke while I was out of town over Easter and I had 2 drinks of it and threw it out, I didn't even like it, so I am grateful for that.  I don't crave many empty carby things very much anymore either.

It's almost swimsuit season, if you want to give Plexus a try, contact me or go check out my website!

And just for fun here are my 13 week pictures

Before on the left, After on the right

Before on the left, After on the right


  1. Amanda, losing weight is hard work. I'm proud of you for trying hard to take care of your body. I'm finally almost done with school this year and I need to do the same.