Friday, April 27, 2012


I haven't posted here in WAY too long.  I don't have a lot of time but thought I'd write a quick little update.

~I finished C25K!  I have enjoyed teaching my body to run and have progressed into running outside now, instead of the gym.  I really like running on this trail at a local park.  I have decided that 4 laps around the trail equals 5K, so I try to run at least 4 laps everytime I go.  I've gotten to where I do a 5K in 29 minutes.  The most I've done is 6 laps (so what's that?  7.5K?), that took me something like 50 minutes.

~I signed up for my first run, The Color Run in Albuquerque, NM August 25th!  It's about a 5 hour drive for me, I'm gonna meet my cousin there and do it with her.  I even think I'm gonna leave my husband and kids home and have a girls weekend!  So excited!

~I've also signed up for 2 more charity runs. 
The first one is this weeknd, a virtual 5K, I paid $15 online to enter, and then I run 5K anytime, anywhere this weekend and post my time online and then I'm entered into the drawing.  100% of the $15 goes to JDRF or Juvenille Diabetes Reasearch Foundation, which is a cause close to my heart since my daugher has Type 1 Diabetes.  For more info, or to sign up go here.
The second one a local 4 mile run, on May 12, it's $20 and starts at 7am at the Snowflake Little League Field (reg at 6am).  This benefits a local boy Zach who has cancer.  My daughter Kortnie is friends with Zach's sister and she wants to do the run with me, so it'll probably be more like a walk for us.  I believe they will also be serving breakfast for $5 at that one.  For more info on that check out the Facebook page Keep Zach in the Game.  (there will also be a bake sale at the Little League Opening day tomorrow, April 28th that benefits him and a Diamondbacks ticket raffle too)

~I'm thinking of doing a triatholon in September which benefits the local pool here, to help them get a new roof.  I think it's something like swim 30 laps, run 5 miles and bike 7 miles.  Yikes!  I hate to sign up for that one because it's so far off and I'm not really sure what we'll be doing then since it's Labor Day weekend.

~Just found out last night that there is a Zumbathon (3 hours of Zumba!) on May 5th which the Show Low PD and FD are putting on to raise money for Special Olympics.  It's a worthwhile cause and I love to do Zumba so my girls and I might do that too.
~I have not lost any more weight, I've been stuck around 179-180 for awhile now.  I'm not really working at losing the way I should be though, at least I haven't gained any that I've lost, right!?  I really need to do measurments again to see how I'm going on that front.

I think that's about it for now.  Spring is here, Little League has started, we're down to the last 6 weeks of school, which means between school events, ball games and practices, PTO stuff and other summer things coming up, we are super busy, my May and June are packed!  Gotta love Spring!

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