Friday, January 20, 2012


1-19-12 Thursday

Well, what did I eat yesterday, I didn't write stuff down again. I know I was kind of hungry in the morning, but I couldn't really find anything to that I wanted to eat. I finnally settled on yogurt. I topped it with a little bit of chocolate chips and 1/2 of a bannana sliced up. I spent the morning re-doing my boards on Pinterest and I blogged a little too. For lunch I had a Smoothie. I found a website with a bunch of different smoothie recipies on it. I didn't follow the recipie exactly but used it as a baseline. I put in 1/2 cup of Almond Milk, 1/2 cup of Pom-Blueberry juice, 1/2 cup of Vanilla yogurt, a handful of blueberries, and a bananna. Oh and ice. It was good and made more than I thought it was going to, it was pretty filling. The afternoon was spent running kids around and cleaning up the house some. While the girls were at Girl Scouts, Graham and I came home and made dinner real quick. I made a Broccolli and Cheese soup and Tuna fish sandwiches. Keeping with our lower carb dinners the soup had 60 carbs total, so 1cup=6gc, and for the sandwich there was only carbs in the bread, I had 2 slices of bread so that was 20gc. For the tuna I put in a little mayo, some mustard, pickels and salt and pepper. The kids opted for Peanut Butter on 1 slice of bread, so Kortnie's sandwich was only 15gc, Graham liked the tuna fish. All this time I never thought that Brian liked tuna fish sandwiches, but he told me last night that yes, he does like tuna sandwiches, he did add more mayo to his though. I am not a big fan of mayo but he is.

I went to my Volleyball game last night too. I reffed a game at 6 then played in one at 7. We lost, but that's okay, we always lose and for our team it least it's just more for fun. We actually had 9 people show up to play last night, last week we only had 4 show up. It was a good time, I think I probably got more excercise laughing than playing.

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