Saturday, January 14, 2012


Good Morning! It's been a few days since I posted. Wednesday was payday, so I balanced the checkbook, paid some bills and went shopping at Walmart. Thursday was a busy day, in the morning I cleaned house, then in the afternoon I went to the girls' school and did some Box Top Incentive parties. I am the President of the PTO, every quarter we collect Box Tops from the classes and the ones who collect the most get a treat party. So, Graham and I went to the school and handed out Ice Cream Sandwiches to 2 classes, and I didn't even have one! After that I picked the kids up, came home and cleaned a few more thing, took the girls to Girl Scouts, came home, fed them dinner, then dropped Stasia off at basketball practice and I hustled up to the church because I had to ref a Volleyball game, we both had to be there at 6 so it was a bit crazy, after I refed, I had a game to play in. Meanwhile Brian got home from work around 645pm, he picked Anastasia up at her practice then came up to the church to get Kortnie and Graham who were with me. I got home around 8:30, helped get the kids in bed, played a few games of pool with Brian, then he went to play a video game while I watched a TV show until it was time to check Kortnie's blood sugar. I checked her at 11pm then went to bed, Phew! It was a Go, Go, GO kind of day.

Here's a breakdown of what I ate those days. My cousin Michelle posted a comment on here about what a pain in the butt it is to keep a food diary, and yep it is. It sucks, and not only do I keep a food diary for myself, but for Kortnie, I keep a blood sugar, carbohydrate, and insulin dosage food diary. So it's double duty! does help keep me in check, if I want something to snack on, I think to myself, I don't want to write it down for the whole world to see, or I don't want to go find the notebook, or I don't want to have a long list of crap. So, for now it's keeping me accountable, that's a good thing.

1/10/12 Tuesday
1 cup Vanilla Yogurt 190cal, 1/2 cup cereal 112cal, 1/4 cup Craisins 110cal, 20oz water
Lean Cuisine Lasagna 320cal, Lean Cuisine Dip with Pita Bread 200cal, 20oz water
20oz water, 3 miniture Hershey's 120cal
20oz Emergen-C 25cal, 20oz water
3 Broiled Chicken Tenders, 1.5 cups Homemade Mac&Cheese, 10oz water

1/11/12 Wednesday
Slim Fast Shake 170cal (on the way to Walmart)
20oz water (while shopping)
Bannana (on the way home, Graham got some popcorn chicken from the deli, I ate one of the bannanas I bouth, GOOD FOR ME! LOL, I was proud of myself for that one :-)
Cobb Salad, lettuce, bacon, cheese, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, onion, 1/2 hardboiled egg, ranch (which I bought at the deli at Walmart, premade, it was good, but I ate the whole thing which said it served 5 people???? Well, I didn't eat all of the ranch so that's good, right?)
Bagel 190cal, Brummel and Brown Strawberry Spread 50cal, 20oz water
20oz water
3 Egg Ham & Cheese, Green Pepper Omelet, hasbrowns, 20oz water

1/12/12 Thursday
20oz water, 12oz Peppermint Green Tea
Turkey Sandwich on whole Grain, 20oz water
20oz water
Taco Soup with corn chips and cheese on top, 20oz water
went to Volleyball
Another bowl of Taco Soup, no cheese this time
Here's the recipe,it was Yummy!

1/13/12 Friday
Yesterday the kids were out of school, Kortnie had an appointment with her Endocrinologist in Scottsdale, so we headed down to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. We call the cities down there "The Valley" So we headed to the Valley, it's about a 230 mile drive one way and it's the big city, so when you go down you plan for shopping, eating out, etc. We left home around 7:40, our first stop was the mall. Anastasia had a pair of jeans to take back to JCP and also a gift card to spend there. Then Kortnie and I went looking for the Tinkerbell store, but found a different accesories store in it's place. Anastasia and I got new sunglasses, Kortnie got a new headband and a pair of earrings. After that we went Costco, Brian and the kids got the famous Costco food court hot dogs while I got toilet paper. (That's all I bought there, haha, kinda funny). After that we headed over to the Dr appointment, everyone ate in the car so I drove. The Dr appointment lasted over 2 hours (which was good since it was our first visit, the new Dr took the time to get to know us, but that's another post for another blog :-) After the Dr, we went to the airport, I used to work there at Continental airlines, so I went to see a few people and pick up some Blood Glucose test strips that someone was giving us there. (Yay!) We hit traffic so it took us quite awhile, after the airport we were ready for dinner so we headed over to Olive Garden (the kids picked this for their great report cards and we like it too). After we ate we were tired and ready to go home. We were going to go to Sam's Club and Harbor Freight too, but as we are trying to spend less we opted out. We got home around 10:30 last night. Long day!
Here's what I ate.

Bagel 190cal, Brummel and Brown strawberry spread 50cal, 20oz water
Hot Chocolate from Maverick, 20oz water
3 bites of Costco Hot Dog, Lemonade (NO SODA!) I don't really like hot dogs, but they smelled good, so I had a few bites, Brian got 3! of them, so I made him give me a little bit of his **I would have had water, but I was feeling a bit shakey and my blood sugar was probably a little low, some reason it does that when I'm on long car rides, so I got the lemonade, I think that's also the reason I ate that stinkin' hot dog**
20oz water
Olive Garden, I got Seafood Portofino and Salad and water. I ate the whole entree and 2 big bowls of salad. We did not order an appetizer (save money, save calories) and I did not have a breadstick. The kids got dessert but Brian and I didn't . Oh, Graham ordered Ravioli and a side of grapes, he didn't finish his grapes, so I finished them for him, that's okay right, grapes, they are sweet and good for you. :-)

On an end note, Kortnie's Dr did tell us to cut back on some of her carbs, which is a kind of blessing. Every other Dr and nurse has told her since diagnosis, "You can eat anything you want" so she's taken that to heart and so has Brian. Well, yeah, she can eat anything, but it's still a good idea to cut back on carbs. So we are going to have much lower carb dinners M-S, we'll save our bigger carb dinners for Sunday afternoon's after church.

Low carb dinner ideas? Send them my way please!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Wow i take for granted how easy it is for me to keep a food journal comparatively speaking. Thx for putting it into perspective.