Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Tuesday, Oh Tuesday. One of my most favorite days. The girls are in school, Brian's back to work after his weekend, and Graham goes to school for 2 hours in the morning. I spend these 2 alone hours doing....well doing whatever...Today I am watching Netflix and cruising the internet. Just kind of sitting and relaxing.

Here's my weekend in review.

Saturday 1-7-12

1 slice of watermelon
2 chocolate pretzels
1 corn chip
20oz Emergen-C
Yes, I know that's kind of a crazy breakfast, we slept in, Kortnie had a friend spend the night and Stasia was gone to another friends house.

Popcorn-airpopped and 20oz water
Anastasia had her first basketball game so I popped 1 cup of popcorn kernels and put it in a ziplock bag and we took it to the game with us. Graham, Kortnie, Zoie and I shared the popcorn, I don't think I ate too much.

I had a bowl of cereal with milk, I never finish the milk left in the bottom of the bowl
30oz water and a stick of gum

3 Broiled Chicken Tenders
1.5cups of White Rice
1/2cup carrots and 1/2cup of Pineapple
20oz water
5 slices of chocolate orange 230calories

I stayed strong and didn't have a soda all day.

Sunday 1-8-12
Hot Apple Cider, I mixed 1 packet of regular and 1 packet of sugar free 95calories
Fried Potatos and scrambled eggs

1 slice chocolate orange and 30oz water
20oz water
popcorn and 20oz water
I was feeling kind of yucky all day Sunday you know "girl yucky" so I just laid around

Egg Noodles with Stroganoff style Meatballs and Gravy, Green Beans 20oz water
I had one more 20oz water before bed

I weighed in on Sunday and I was 191.4 so that's a loss of 1.6 pounds. I figured it would be more, but I was bloated and yuck, so I don't think it counts. LOL...whatever 1.6 pounds is great and I'm happy with it.

Monday 1-9-12
10oz water, Caramel Pecan Crunc Cereal with Fiber and Milk 260calories-but I dind't drink all the milk so I probably didn't have all of those calories

20oz water Cup-O-Noodles Spicy Chicken flavor, a turkey and swiss sandwich on whole grain, no mayo, no butter, another 20oz water and a tiny piece of Brownie

8oz water
A big Chicken Taco Salad, lettuce, chicken, cilantro, El Pato, cheese, and a few Crispy Tortilla Strips (kind of like crutons)

This morning I am feeling lots better, no more bloating or achy gassy stomach, so I weighed myself again and it was 190.0 pounds so down 3 pounds total. Yay!

I still haven't gotten back on the excercising bandwagon. I'm going to get there though. My plans for the rest of today are to clean up around the house, it's not super dirty, but I do want to dust and vacume the downstairs, then I want go thru the stuff in the Computer/Craft room, get the recipts for tax time all in one spot.

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  1. keeping a food jounral is such a pain in the rear huh? :) counting the calories in that food journal are BIG pain the rear too. But it helps me...GOOD JOB