Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's been a good day! Woke up this morning, woke up the girls, went out to start Brian's car, made his lunch and hot chocolate, made a fire and got the girls off to school; just like normal. Then I broke my routine of getting back in bed to watch TV. Graham and I went to a morning Zumba class at 8:15! It was a fun workout and there were a lot of people there. This was my first time at this particular class, but I caught on okay and got a pretty good workout. After that we came home, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, and did our taxes. Then I cleaned up the house and did some laundry, picked the girl s up at school, went to Walmart, came home and had dinner then went to another Zumba class. Yes that's right, 2 Zumba classes in one day! I bet I'm sore tomorrow.

Mini Bagel with butter, 8oz Blueberry Pom Juice, 20oz water

After Zumba Snack:
20oz Water and an Apple

20oz Water, leftover shredded pork, 1/2 cup of stuffing, and 1 piece of toast

Afternoon Snack:
1 Dove Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 20oz Water

Healthy Choice Steamer Teriyaki Beef

After Zumba Snack:
Peanut Butter Sandwich

I'm hoping tomorrow is a good day too!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Ive been terrible at working out, but my snacks and lunch have been special k protein bars or shakes.