Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend in Review

It was a busy whirlwind weekend. Lots of things going on. Here is a quick recap.

Saturday 2-4-12

Breakfast: Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie 150calories, 1 ChocChip Cookie 90calories

After breakfast we did a few chores and spent the morning getting ready for Zumbathon and Stasia's basketball game. Stasia's game was at noon, so we left around 11:30 to get there a little early. She had her game and it was a terrible loss 25-5, but she scored 3 of the 5 points. Not sure what was going on there, they've never won a game, but they don't usually play that bad. Oh well...It had been "one of those mornings" already, we woke up later than I planned, took us longer to get ready with all the nail painting and hair fixing (we were trying to be a bit crazy/colorful for the Zumbathon), then about 5 minutes into the game I got a call from Brian's grandpa who was bringing us a load of wood. I had forgotten to move the car away from the gate to the backyard, so I had to rush home and move it, lock the dog in the house, then rush back to the game. After the game, we came home quickly and opened the doggy door, then we were off again. We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch.

Lunch: 2 Chicken Soft Tacos, 20oz water 380calories

We headed to Show Low for the Zumbathon, it started at 3 but we wanted to get there early to set up. We got there around 1:45pm, dropped some stuff off, then went to get bags of ice. We set up and started having people arrive around 2:45, Zumbathon went from 3-6pm, the girls and I did most of the workout. I ended up doing about 2 1/2 hours, Stasia did the whole 3 hours and Kortnie did about 2 hours, the other hour she spent running around and playing with Graham and her cousin Cheyanne. There was a great turnout, I don't have the final numbers on money raised yet, but I think we did pretty good and it was fun and we got in a great workout too. During the Zumbathon we had a few breaks for water and snacks. We served Orange's cut into quarters, and bananna's cut into thirds. I think I ate 1 whole bananna during the breaks.

Snack: 1 bananna 110 calories, water, water, water, I think I drank like 50oz of water during the Zumbathon
Workout: Zumbathon, burned 1523 calories, (Yes, 2 1/2 hours of Zumba, burns 1,523 calories!)

Brian came from work and met us at the end of Zumbathon, he helped clean up and talked to a few friends, then he went with us to pick up Girl Scout Cookies. I am cookie mom, so my job is to pick up the cases of cookies for the whole troop, so we went and picked up 200+ cases of cookies. Brian stacked them in the truck while the girls and I carried them out, I'm sure I burnt some more calories during that. Then we went out to dinner at Native New Yorker. We were all hungry and tired after the Zumbathon, Kortnie's blood sugars were pretty low the whole time and it was time to get some real food into her system.

Dinner: I had a Californa Burger which is a burger with Avocado and some homemade chips, they slice potatos really thin and fry them, I love the chips at NNY. 560calories, (that's a guess, could be closer to 700....not really sure)

Saturday, I ate 1290calories and burned 1523

Sunday 2-5-12
Sunday is church and family day. We went to church in the mid-morning, came home, sorted Girl Scout cookies, then went to Walmart

Breakfast: 1 ChocChip Cookie and 1 Peppermint Green Tea 90calories
(I was a little sore from Zumbathon and WAY crampy from "Auntie Floe"), shouldn't have had that cookie, oh well
Lunch: I didn't really eat lunch, I did have a few snacks while working in the Nursery at church, I think I ate 2 goldfish, 2 pretzel sticks and 1 teddy graham. Then at home I had a packet of 4 PB crackers. I guess 100-150 calories
Dinner: Lasagna and Caesar Salad 790calories and 2 Tagalong cookies 150calories

Sunday Total, I ate 1130calories and burned 0 calories (no workout on Sunday)

Well, this post is getting long and it's time to take Graham to school and go workout. Then after I pick him up, we're off to Show Low, got our taxes back, so we're going to go pay the mortgage, pay some Dr and Dentist bills, do some shopping and spend money. Also gotta deliver some Girl Scout cookies, then hurry home to get the girls from school and take them out to hopefully deliver the rest of their cookies. Busy, busy, busy. Seems like I'm always running around. I guess it's better than being a couch potato though. I'll have to post about Monday a little later.

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