Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2, 2012

Today was another good day. Graham goes to school from 9-11am so this morning while he was at school I went to the Gym. I went ahead and decided to do C25K, so today I did Day 1. I downloaded an app on my phone and all I do is click on Day 1 and then it will keep track of the run/walk for me. It starts counting down the first portion, which today was a warm up walk for 5 minutes, then when it gets to 0 it beeps at me and starts counting down the next section. It has a pause button if you need to stop and when you finish it records Day 1 as being done. I was on the treadmill, so I did the brisk walk at 3.0 MPH and the running part of it as 4.2MPH. It was a 28 minute walk/run today. After that I did weights, I did my arms, legs and abs, then I did 50 sit ups in a sit up chair thing and finished off with a 17 minute treadmill walk at 2.0 MPH with a 6% incline.

Here is what I ate today

Breakfast: Peaches and Cream Oatmeal and 1/2 Tbsp Margarine 180calories
Lunch: 3 scrambled eggs with green onion, mushrooms, candian bacon. A mini whole wheat bagel with 1 tbsp peanut butter, 2oz red grapes 473calories
Dinner: Chili 407calories (did you know you can input your recipie at and it will calculate the nutrional info for you?

I'm getting ready to go play Volleyball in a few minutes, so that will end my day for me.

So here are my totals:

I ate 1060 calories and I burned 932. That's pretty good.

I got on the scale at my house this morning and it said 189 (at the gym yesterday it said 191.6)
I felt kind of yuck today, girl stuff, and I'm feeling bloated. Hopefully it'll pass in a couple days and next week I'll feel really good. As far as being sore, my legs are a little sore, but not too bad, I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow.

I planned on doing Zumba tomorrow morning 8:15-9:15am, but I have to go to the kids school and do Lobo Friday, on the first Friday of the month we go give a candy to every kid dressed in school colors. We're usually done by 8:30, so I'm planning on going to Zumba a little late, then to the gym if Graham is being patient with me.

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