Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well, yesterday I woke up feeling like crap. I couldn't figure out if I was feeling bad because I was gassy and crampy or because I was sore from all of the sit ups. I really wanted to stay in bed, but I had to get the girls ready for school and I was supposed to be at the school for Lobo Friday at 8am. My plan was to go to Zumba after I was done with the PTO stuff even if I was going to be a little late. So, I got dressed in my work out clothes. Honestly though I wasn't feeling it. We got down to the school and it was a Flag Ceremony day, the Kindergartner's were doing the program, so we went to watch. They did a great job and sang the Arizona song, it's Arizona's 100th Birthday on Feb 14, so they centered their Flag Ceremony around the Centennial. After that we went around and handed out the candy, my friend and I decided that instead of just giving a candy to the kids in school colors, that we'd give each one of them a piece. Sometimes you have to give everybody a treat, ya know!

We got done and it was 8:46 already and Zumba was over at 9:15, so I didn't go, I told Graham that we weren't going to go to Zumba but then asked him if we should go to the Gym or home to watch TV. He said we should go to the Gym, you know I was hoping that he'd want to go home. Haha.

So off to the Gym we went, I did C25K Day 2 on the treadmill, then lifted weights for about 35 minutes, and I also did 65 sit ups. First I did 55 situps, but Graham was watching TV, he came around the corner when I was just about done weight lifting and he wanted me to try the sit up chair. I told him that I had already done it, but he wanted to see, so I went and did 10 more, of course I made him count. Turns out he's my little motivator.

After we got home, our day was spent running around doing errands and cleaning house some. Let's see, what did I do. I had to make a last minute PTO flyer, so I got that ready on the computer, emailed it to the copy center at the High School, I had a friend pick them up and then I met her down at the Primary school where we sorted them and handed them around to the classes and talked to them about our next Fundraiser. Kortnie was having a party in her class, they were having popsicles so I went to the store and picked up a lower sugar popsicle for her and took it to her at school. I also went to the post office and mailed out a package. I saw on FB the other night about a lady who had lost her insurance and doesn't have very much money and some of the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) was putting together sort of a supply drive for her. So I sent her some boxes of test strips, I think I had like 10 boxes of strips that we don't have a meter for, so I sent her those, some lancets (pokers), and some syringes. I cleaned the kitchen and mopped it, did a few loads of laundry, made cookies with Graham (he's been asking me to help him make cookies for awhile now), made Fried Rice for dinner and ran Stasia to/from Basketball practice. Just kind of busy mom type stuff. :-)

Here's the breakdown of my eating and excercise for the day.

Breakfast: Nothing again, gotta get better at that, I did have a 20oz glass of water
Lunch: I had one of my Egg/Bagel Sandwiches 186 calories
Afternoon Snack: Dreyer's No Sugar Added Fruit Bar 30calories (Kortnie's popsicle, I had one too) Chicken Breast 130calories, Wheat Thins (I had a double serving) 280calories
Dinner: Fried Rice 330calories
Dessert: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Graham told Brian that he made them all by himself, LOL) 360calories
My total water for the day was 80 ounces

So for the day I ate 1291 Calories and I burned 525 in my morning workout. So, less workout yesterday and a little more calories. I could blame it on my crampiness lady business, or my laziness, but honestly I am okay that I didn't do both Zumba and the Gym and I don't think it was too crazy of an eating day. I should have only had 1 serving of the Wheat Thins I guess, and I could have skipped the cookies, but who's gonna skip cookies made by their 4 yo old son, "all by myself" LOL

Today is the Zumbathon, so I know it will be a big calorie burning workout afternoon. I was going to go the Gym this morning and do Day 3 of C25K, but I think I'll stay home and hang out with the kids. It's already 8:30 and they're begging for breakfast, and it's already 2 hours past Kortnie's normal eating time, I better get on it! LOL...Stasia has her basketball game at noon, and after that we're heading into Show Low to help get stuff set up for the Zumbathon. I'm so excited, it will be fun to do it with my girls, my friends, and to raise money for JDRF. I think afterwards we'll meet Brian for dinner and hit the Walmart since we'll be in town anyways.

Have a good weekend ya'll!

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  1. 65 sit ups! Nice job! I used to be able to do that many but yesterday I did 25 and wanted to die.