Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Weekly Weigh In.

According to the scale at my house I am 183.6, so down .8 for the week and 9.4 for the year.

According to the scale I weigh in at the gym I am up .8 for the week. Weird, last week, my scale at home and the gym were the same, but this week they're off, Whatever, LOL..I'm going with the scale at home, that's the one that I can stand naked on and it gives me a better weight, I like it better.

Brian's been out of town since Sunday and I'm finding it hard to follow a good eating routine while he's gone. I don't feel like cooking every night, so we've been having leftovers. However, I have been eating a lot of salads and fruit, with him gone, so I guess my diet has been okay. Sunday night I put the kids in bed and went to watch a chick flick movie. I wanted something to snack on, what I really wanted was a bowl of cereal, but we had no milk. So then I looked around and I saw cookies and ice cream, but I didn't really want those (weird!) so I ended up having a bananna with peanut butter. Have to say I'm proud of myself for not having cookies or ice cream or I'm proud of myself for not really even wanting those things. I guess my new habits that I've been trying to form are sticking!

That being said, our grocery store just put in an Ice Cream Counter, 16 different flavors of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, hand scooped. YUM! I told my kids that if they got their rooms clean yesterday I'd take them out for ice cream tonight after dinner. I will probably get a scoop. Usually if I'm gonna have something like that, I try to do it Wednesday, that way I have all week to work it off before my next weigh in.

Happy Leap Day to everyone. I guess my Leap Day celebration is to eat Ice Cream, are you doing anything fun today?

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  1. I love the idea of cheating the day AFTER a weigh in! Unfortunately I cheat most days. I need to knock that off! You're doing great!