Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 7 & 8, 2012

Tuesday 2-7-12

I had decided that since Tuesday was the day before my weigh in, I'd go lite on calories and try to shed a pound or two before that weigh in.

Breakfast: Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake, Strawberry 170calories
Snack: Starlight Mint 20calories
Lunch: Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake, Chocolate 180calories
Snack: Almonds 170calories, Smoked Chicken Lunchmeat 45calories (on the way home from Walmart)
Dinner: Lettuce Wraps and Asian Pasta Salad 402calories
Excercise: Walking, I walked to school to pick up the kids, then walked around delivering Girl Scout Cookies with them 280calories burned

Total for the day Calories eaten 980, burned 280

Wednesday 2-8-12
Weigh in Wednesday, I weighed in at 186, down 5.6 for the week, 7 for the year, not too bad, but not what I was hoping for.

Breakfast: Nothing (Bad me!)
Lunch: Top Ramen 190calories, Turkey, Swiss, Avocado, Lettuce on Wheat Sandwich, 446calories (that's kind of alot, it was the avocado I think!)
Snack: Almonds 170calories
Dinner: Taco bites and Avocado 716calories
Dessert: Bryers Snickers Ice Cream 340calories

Excercise: Zumba 65 minutes 638calories burned, weight lifting 15 minutes 144calories burned, sit ups, 65 of them, 5 minutes 56calories burned, C25K Day 4 198calories burned, bicycling 20 minutes 224calories burned

Total for the day 1862 calories eaten, 1260 calories burned.

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