Saturday, February 18, 2012


Dear Blog, I haven't written in awhile, not because I have nothing to say and not because I'm slacking in my diet and excercise but because I've been busy. What's new?

I weighed this morning and I was 185.6 only down a pound from the last time I blogged about my weight, but down 7.4 for the year. I wish I was losing weight faster, but as long as I keep losing I'm making progress, right? I am feeling lighter and thinner and good about myself so that's all that matters. I really need to do my measurments so I can see if I've lost some inches, I think I have, I sure hope I have. :)

I was talking with this man the other day at the Gym, he goes to my church and is a neighbor. He was asking about The Biggest Loser competition that I'm in. I told him that basically I just wanted to get to go to the gym for 2 months for free, told him that I wanted to see if I could actually stick with it before I go shell out the money for it. He asked if I was losing weight and I told him I'd lost some, but mostly I feel like I'm getting back in shape somewhat and doing something for myself and just feeling good. That I think as mom's we get into a rut of taking care of our kids all the time and putting ourselves on the back burner. I'm not blaming anything on my kids for sure, but just in general, mom's, wives, women tend to take care of everyone else and forget about themselves. So now it's my time, my time to start taking care of me. So that's what I'm striving for, just a better feeling about myself, and the ability to run around and play and have fun without getting out of breath. And, another thing, excercise actually makes me feel good, I guess it's true what they say about it releasing endorphins and easing stress.

I also have been seeing where my excercising is taking me away from some of my duties around the house. Now, I am a stay at home mom, and all the SAHM's out there say they work just as hard as working mom's. I think that is true, I honestly think that I do more and am busier than I was when I was a working mom. When I worked, I didn't have time for extra stuff like PTO, volunteering at school, church work, helping out with Girl Scouts, Coaching sports teams, etc. We also were away from the house a lot more, Brian and I at work, the kids at school and babysitters, so my house stayed cleaner. Now that I don't work I have time to do extra curricular's with my kids, cooking healthier meals, my life is busy and full, and adding in going to excercise in the morning has shifted my routine. My house has been messier, so for the last week I've been working on getting the house back in shape instead of blogging. Yes, my husband could help with this and he sort of does, but come on, he works 50-55 hours a week, he leaves home at 710am and gets home at 7pm. He does what he can, he reads stories to the kids and hangs out with them when he gets home until around 8 or 830 when they go to bed. He hangs out with me when I clean the kitchen, sometimes he helps, sometimes he just sits and visits with me, if I ask him to do something he does it. He'll help me fold laundry on his days off, he chops wood for our fireplace, he does oil changes in our car and trucks, or he'll help me with bigger jobs, so he does help, but the brunt of it housework, shopping, paying bills, balancing checkbooks, making appointments for the kids, dr's, haircuts, buying them clothes, doing homework, taking them to girl scouts, dance, baseball, soccer, basketball, church group, playdates, that's all mine. I don't mind it, he contributes by going to work and making the money, and I contribute by taking care of the house and kids. So, like everyone else I take pride in my work, and I want things to look nice when he gets home, I want him to have clean socks and underwear every day and I want to have dinner for him when he gets home at 7pm. I also want to look good doing it. I'm working on finding a balance between my duties as a homemaker and my duties to myself. I need to maybe start fly lady again, or get myself into a cleaning routine. Right now it's kind of been like this...

M-F- Monday is Brian's day off, so it's a varied day, but basically most of the same stuff
6am-8am get kids and Brian out the door and off to school and work
8am-11am MWF Zumba 8-9am and gym 9-10ishAM, T TH, Graham has school 9-11am so I drop him off and go to the gym, then pick him up. In between I try to do little things around the house, laundry, dishes, bring in wood for the fire
11am-12pm Lunch for G and I and a shower
12-2pm Housework, pay bills, balance checkbook, or look around the internets (there's my problem)
2-5pm Kids are home, we do homework, I take them to their activities, they have friends over, I encourage them to do their chores, play with them, etc
5-6pm time to start thinking about dinner
6pm-8pm dinner, baths, reading books, sometimes a little TV watching with the kids, sometimes I'm still running kids around, on Thursday's I have Volleyball, all together family time when Brian gets home at 7
8pm-1030pm MW I go to Zumba 8-9pm, hang out with Brian maybe watch a movie, or play pool, look at stuff on the computer together, play a video game, clean up the kitchen, check Kortnie's BG at 1030pm and go to bed
230am wake up and check Kortnie's BG give her sugar or insulin if she needs it
6am wake up and do it all over again

630am, wake up check Kortnie's BG, let her sleep in, make Brian's lunch and hot chocolate, start his truck for him, bring the computer back to bed until kids wake up
8am-12 kids usually are up, breakfast, chores, quick clean up, make a plan for the day if we don't have one already
12-4pm errands, visiting friends, maybe a trip to Show Low, basketball games, yardwork, free time
4-6pm time to start thinking about dinner, free time
6-9pm dinner, baths, hang out with daddy, sometimes a date night, hang out with friends, watch movie, family time, whatever
10pm if kids aren't in bed yet they are now, check Kortnie's BG
Brian and I will sometimes stay up, sometimes go to bed
230am up to check Kortnie's BG

630am up to check Kortnie's BG, it's Brian's day off, so back to bed
8am kids are usually up, go make breafast, Sunday is a cooking breakfast kind of day
8-10am breakfast cleaning family time
10-11am get ready for church
11am-2pm church
2pm-530pm Free time, or Family time, Brian works on the car or trucks if they need it, he chops wood, messes around with his dirtbike, Graham helps him, the girls play in their room or do video games, I watch a movie or make meal plans for the week or both
530-8pm dinner and family time, kids in bed at 8
830pm-1030pm, Sunday bath night (we have a big jacuzzi tub, Brian and I make a hot bubble bath and relax!)

See, I am busy, Saturday and Sunday aren't too bad, but I'm having a hard time fitting everything in. I guess I need less Facebook in my life. So Dear Blog, I'm still here and still working on myself, but I might not be blogging as much as I orginally planned. You'll forgive me won't you?

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